About Selingan Turtle Island

Selingan Island is a sanctuary and a safe haven for the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles. The island is a designated National Park and is located in the Sulu Sea, approximately 40 kilometres north of Sandakan.

Visitors who go to Selingan Island will have the opportunity to witness turtle landings and learn more about these vulnerable sea creatures. Watching mother turtles come on shore to lay their eggs is an experience that will stay with visitors all their lives.

Visitors are required to stay overnight if they want to witness the turtle landings, which only happen after dusk. Though turtles lay their eggs throughout the year, the ideal times to head to Selingan Island is between July and October, when the sea is calmer. Besides witnessing the turtle landings, visitors also get a chance to observe the collection of eggs, tagging of mother turtles as well as the releasing of baby turtles into the sea.

Other activities on Selingan Island also includes snorkeling and scuba diving, which can be done during the day.

Other islands within the National Park are Bakungan Kecil and Gulisan islands. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight on the islands due to conservation efforts and research being carried out. Day visits are however possible to these islands.


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